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(ages 3 – 8)

Class Descriptions

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Tiny Toes (ages 2-3)
Tiny Tutus (ages 3-5)
Budding Ballerinas (ages 5-6)

Budding Ballerinas II (ages 6-8)

These sweet and charming ballet classes incorporate imaginative games and props, all while teaching the basic fundamentals of ballet!

Happy Feet Tap (ages 5-7)

This fun and animated tap class is a wonderful introduction to the world of rhythm! Dancers will learn basic tap steps while working on coordination & taking turns.

Tiny Movers (ages 3-4)
Funky Jazz (ages 5-6)
Funky Jazz II (ages 6-8)

These high energy classes are a great introduction class to jazz! This class is an excellent source for strength and flexibility and encourages self-expression for your dancer!

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Kids Bop (ages 5-6)
Kids Bop II (ages 6-8)

These fast paced classes allow dancers to get loose and get funky! Dancers learn how to express themselves through movement while learning basic hip hop skills.

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